Excerpts from and interview with Stephen
Halasnik, President, Credential Agent by Alyssa Bartels, Public Relations Director


“When we first designed our credentialing management software, we specifically had hospitals in mind as potential customers.  For the first 10 months of our business, we
called on, e-mailed and sent postcards to thousands of hospitals with little to
no response. We were really shocked because we knew from preliminary research
that hospitals have a huge need for keeping employee credentials updated and
that hospital’s current processes are antiquated and unproductive,” says
President of Credentialagent.com, Stephen Halasnik.


Halasnik goes on to say, “It’s weird because we now have tons of
clients in healthcare for Credentialagent.com from therapy companies, long term
care companies, healthcare staffing companies, vendor management service
companies, food companies and yes, even a hospital.  Each time we see a client move from their
traditional credentialing process to our software, we see that at least 20% of
the credentials the client thought were updated were really outdated or non-compliant.


I believe there are three main reasons why hospitals have not adopted
credentialing software. First, it appears that hospitals have adopted credentialing software for their Physicians because if
a Physician is not properly credentialed then the hospital cannot get paid.
However, for the Nurses and Allied staff it appears that hospitals don’t have
as much pressure to make sure the credentials are updated.


Second, the auditing agencies, like the Joint Commission, don’t seem to
be looking too deep into all credentials.  JCAHO absolutely cares about licenses being
valid, but when it comes to certifications, background checks, immunizations,
HR forms, etc. then JCAHO really isn’t as concerned.


Third, hospitals have been so wrapped up in the new requirement to have
electronic medical records.  From the
culture shock that’s being put on hospitals to move to computers, it seems like
the last thing a hospital wants to get involved with is another computerized
project- regardless if it actually saves the hospital time and money.


I think it just comes down to the idea that the lack of updated
employee credentials hasn’t impacted a hospital yet and therefore it hasn’t hit
the attention of upper level management. I’ll bet you, though, that if the
Chief Compliance Officer saw how many employee credentials were out of
compliance and saw the potential risk involved with patient safety and hospital
financials, our unique software would be the hottest thing on the market. “


Visit www.credentialagent.com for more information and for a free demo, or call
Stephen Halasnik at 888-331-3431 x11.

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