Cowan Home Care is a team of skilled and caring nurses that provide medically licensed home care to children in New Mexico that are medically fragile. In a recent interview, The Director of Public Relations at Credential Agent, Alyssa Bartels, interviewed Taylor Losee, the Manager of Credentials for Cowan Home Care, about how Credential Agent has helped them to improve their credential management process. Cowan was one of Credential Agents first clients.

Why did you seek out credential software?
We needed a company that would help us keep up on all of our credentials. We have about 95 employees to keep track of. If a nursing auditor walked in to check our credentials, we need to make sure no one is working out of compliance. We could be shut down entirely if credentials aren’t up to date. Auditors don’t always notify us when they’re going to come in so it’s important to keep a close eye on credentials.

Why is it important for your company to have it?
Credential Agent helps us with staying in compliance with state regulations and adds value to the relationships we have with our caregivers. Our caregivers are the people who are there day in and day out taking care of the kids that are in our program. They get really stressed out if we don’t notify them in time, or if we don’t give them enough time to update their credentials before they are going to expire. Keeping caregivers in compliance is the most important thing.

Why did you choose to use credential agent software over other similar software?
The CEO of our company chose to purchase Credential Agent. He really does his homework on companies that he chooses to work with. He saw so many things he liked about the software and saw how user friendly it is and thought it would be extremely beneficial to our company.

Is there anything about Credential Agent that really stood out in the demo?
The feature we were most impressed with was that both we and the caregivers get emailed about when their credentials are going to expire. Those who pay close attention to their email really appreciated it. It also helps cut down on our phone conversations and it makes things more efficient in the office.

What was your thought process leading up to your purchase decision?
We saw how user friendly and inexpensive this software is and we knew it would be beneficial to use in the future once we got it going. Stephen Halasnik (President of Credential Agent) does an amazing job. We can email him at any time and he helps us with any problems or questions.

How has Credential Agent made your work easier?
Credential Agent has added extreme efficiency in keeping track of credentials. It’s also very easy to enter in the credentials. People usually turn the credentials over to me and I input the information into the system. Because it’s so user friendly it helps me out a lot.

About how many credentials do you have stored in our database?
We have about 95 employees, with about 3 or 4 credentials per employee. It’s close to about 400 credentials that expire at different times throughout the year.

How did you store your credentials before you started using Credential Agent?
We used a program called Someto, but it’s mainly used for payroll. We would store the credentials and type in the expiration dates.

Do you think Credential Agent’s current price is reasonable?
Of course, it is very inexpensive.

What does Credential Agent do really well? What doesn’t it do well? How would you suggest we improve on this?
Credential Agent is an amazing program and we love it overall. The support we have from the staff at Credential Agent is great. They are there for anyone who has a question. We are really happy with the program.

What were you hoping to achieve by using Credential Agent?
We were hoping for a little more ease in managing credentials because I can get in trouble, as well as the agency, if someone is working without updated credentials. We really appreciate how easy the software is to use.

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