It really boggles the mind the risks a company takes when it comes to outdated employee or vendor credentials. There is no doubt that if one were to audit any organizations in the US one would find a large percentage of
outdated and missing required employee and vendor credentials.  As a company that provides credentialing
software (, Credential Agent see it all of the time. Companies that are either using a file cabinet or an excel spreadsheet to manage hundreds or thousands of credentials with terrible loss of  productivity and very poor quality credential management.

Credential Agent software was first created due to an impromptu conversation between the Joint Commission Auditors and the President of ( During an audit in 2007, The JCAHO auditors had commented to the president, Stephen Halasnik that his company did a very good job of keeping credentials updated verses other organizations. Mr. Halasnik realized that there might be a need in the market place for credentialing software that more productively kept credentials updated.

After extensive research, Mr. Halasnik saw firsthand that companies really needed a better way and began building the software that has greatly improved credential management process. Credential Agent went on to become the first company in the US to make software that helps credential management.

Credential Agent counts as client’s hospitals, long term care centers, engineering firms, physician offices, large food companies and over 500 other clients in various industries who all recognized that there had to be
a better way of credentialing upkeep.

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