Recently announced there is now a major case against a  Hospital and a temporary staffing company due to  a healthcare professional failing to have a
Hep B immunization shot  resulting in  numerous patients being  infected with the serious Hep B desease. The  staffing company will probably go out of business and the Hospital will have a  major lawsuit on its hand. This isn’t a onetime event.

At Credential Agent we see it all of the time, organizations  don’t really care about credential upkeep until it is too late and even in an  audit, organizations want to do just enough to get by. No one ever thinks about  the consequences of their actions until it affects them after the fact.  We say this all of the time to prospects, are  you currently 100% compliant with your employee or vendor credentials…can you  say 100 affirmative using your current process? The answer is always the same,  we don’t know or we hope so or even sometimes, I doubt it.

In so many cases, credential management is such an  afterthought that many organizations are still using outdated tools such as an excel  spreadsheets and filing cabinets to track employee or vendor credentials.

Credential Agent ( is such an  inexpensive, easy to use, and valuable software tool that one has to think that  credential management is just not that high on the priority screen of  executives because there are solutions out there to help keep people safe.

These same executives, who didn’t care enough at  a Hospital or a staffing company, infected numerous patients with Hep B that  are now resulting in expensive lawsuits, lost reputations and serious medical conditions for unknowing patients.

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