September 19, 2011 @ 9:03 pm
posted by rurahrah33

For the past 12 months, ( , which places Registered Nurses at Hospitals has been using Credential Agent to help keep the credentials of its employees updated. These credentials include licenses, certifications, immunizations, and several other documents. All told, each employee averages 16 credentials and with 100 employees , the Credential Agent software is managing about 1,600 credentials.

Christina Verducci, Director of Operations at commented, “We used to have someone who spent about 10 hours each week dedicated to keeping these credentials updated. In the old process we  used an excel document to track expiration’s dates and we used a hard copy file cabinet to store the copies. We would make phone calls and we would manually e-mail our employees letting them know what credentials were going to become due. It was tedious work and quiet honestly, I don’t think the quality was very good. Once we switched to using  Credential Agent I have been amazed at how much time it has saved us. I believe we are now spending, maybe 1 hour per week keeping credentials updated and I feel a lot more confident in the quality due to the fact that we can instantly run a report to see if we are not compliant”.

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