Throughout many of our meetings with Human Resource Directors, Directors of Nursing, Compliance Officers and many other executives, our conversations often revolve around the idea that their organization needs to keep employee, subcontractor, or vendor credentials updated because of yearly audits or to reduce malpractice risks. However, what is often overlooked is the reason why the credential was required in the first place, to save people’s lives.

Let’s take one example to illustrate why making sure your employee’s credentials areup to date, can effect the quality of care a patient receives. Almost all medical professionals are required to take CPR courses. Recently, it was announced that CPR courses had changed their curriculum where chest compression should be done first, instead of the previously taught mouth to mouth resuscitation. It had been found that chest compression, if done first, had an improve chance of saving the patients life.

If your employee fails to update her CPR credential in a timely fashion, you are running the risk of losing a patient due to that employees lack of knowledge about the change in the CPR process.

Let’s not forget that these credentials are there to improve the quality of care. Credential Agent’s software ensures that credentials are kept up to date by notifying the employee and manager on a constant basis when credentials are coming due.

 If you want to improve your quality of care then don’t leave the credentials upkeep to your employee or to some archaic hard copy filing system. Get automated software like Credential Agent.

It may save someones life. 

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