has announced its recent finding that up to 20% of all employees or vendor’s credentials such as licenses, certifications, immunizations, government HR forms, insurance and other credentials it has audited are often out of compliance or out of date. (, a leading provider of credential management software and outsourcing services, often gets involved with helping organizations move from a traditional credential management process (usually involving spreadsheets and backup hard copy documentation stored in a file cabinet) to Credential Agent’s automated credential management software.  During that initial transition process, is able to see how many of their employees or vendors credentials are out of compliance. President, Stephen Halasnik commented, “You should see the look on our new clients faces when they see our first report from which shows them how many of their employees or vendors have credentials that are outdated or are missing. I think we all have been surprised at how many credentials are out of compliance before a client uses our software or outsourced services.  I often have to tell them that it isn’t their fault due to the older processes and technology they were using which makes it almost impossible to stay compliant”.

The software stores credentials electronically. The new software sends out numerous e-mails to employees notifying them well in advance when a credential is coming due. It also allows the employee to update their own credential at a click of a button while giving the credentialing manager the ability to quality control the work. Unlimited reports can be run at any time to ensure that employees are compliant. In addition, is adding onboarding features allowing for forms such as I9, w4’s, EEOC and other forms to be filled out electronically resulting in faster compliance. also offers a full service option where they will take over the credentialing management process using its software and staff.

About is revolutionary new software that is specifically made to help organizations keep up to date with employees and vendors credentials more productively, efficiently and accurately. The inexpensive software requires no new software or hardware since it is cloud based and will pay for itself based on reduced labor costs. For further information please visit  or call 888-331-3431×11.

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