Credential software for home healthcare companiesIt really is a smart move for any home healthcare company wanting to keep employee credentials updated using software. 1st Class Care, which is a new startup home healthcare company decided that they wanted to make sure they kept their nurse’s credentials such as licenses, certifications, immunizations, background checks and HR documents updated correctly and productively so they selected Credential Agent’s Credential Management Software right from the beginning.

A Smart Decision to Get Credentialing Management Software

President of Credential Agent, Stephen Halasnik commented, “We have a lot of clients who are established companies but I think it is really smart for startup companies from the very beginning to get credentialing software that will make sure all employees credentials are kept up to date. As 1st Class Care continues to grow, credential management will become a bigger deal and it will become more labor intensive. Credential Agent will solve that problem for them and will allow 1st Class Care to put their energy into patient care, customer care, recruiting and employee satisfaction. I see so many healthcare companies use traditional filing cabinets and sometimes spreadsheets to manage credentials and it really is an outdated process. For the amount of money that Credential Agent costs, it is a no brainer to start using it. When we give a demo of Credential Agent, almost 100% of the time they select Credential Agent because we really are one of the only companies that inexpensively has automated the upkeep of employee or vendor credentials and documents”.

Easy to Use Credential Software

After about 15 minutes of training 1st Class Care was up and running and after 7 years of being in business, Credential Agent has yet to have any of its clients cancel their Credential Agent software. Mr. Halasnik commented, “ there are so many clients we have that just love Credential Agent and we have seen clients using Credential Agent more than they ever expected. “

1st Class Care Nurses and Allied Professionals Like the Notifications

The staff at 1st Class Care were surprised that even their nurses and other medical professionals loved getting e-mail notifications starting at 90 days out about credentials expiring. It allowed everyone to make sure they got their certifications and licenses renewed. In some of these cases the renewals required new courses to be taken and it gave the employees enough notice that they could schedule the classes without having to worry that a class might be filled up or that not enough time was available to get the paperwork in.

By starting early with credentialing software for employee record upkeep, it allows everyone, from the person who is responsible for employee credentialing to the nurses, allied, etc. professionals themselves, to get ahead of the game as more employee and credentials are added to a growing company and a medical profession that continues to add more and more credentials.


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