Credential Agent ( , a leading credential management software and outsourcing company, has announced its finding into how organizations are keeping employee, subcontractor or vendors credentials updated.

Many organizations have highly skilled employees who have credentials such as licenses, certifications, insurance, immunizations, HR forms and other credentials that expire and need to be kept up to date. In some cases ( i.e. Nurses) a employee could have as many as 15 credentials that need to be tracked. If that same organization has 300 employees it could mean 1,000’s of credentials needing to be managed.

Credential Agent reports that it has seen 4 ways that organizations are trying to stay compliant
1- “You’re a professional…keep your own credentials updated” approach- Almost all organizations believe that it is the responsibility of the employee to keep their own credentials updated. However, organizations that use little monitoring, run the highest risk of outdated or fraudulent credentials during an audit or malpractice case.

2- Spreadsheets- Often the most common form of staying on top of credentials is when organizations are using spreadsheets built in Excel or Access to monitor the employee credentials coming due. Keeping credentials updated with the use of spreadsheets is a very laborious process and still requires sending multiple manual e-mails or phone calls to keep everyone compliant.

3- Delegating credential upkeep to the middle managers- Some organizations give the upkeep of employee credentials over to each line manager. This type of process lends itself towards many different results greatly affecting quality.

4- Focusing on only the most risky employee credentials- Many organizations focus heavily on the highest risk individuals such as Doctors. However, with the rest of the employees, the same level of due diligence drops off significantly leading to huge risk exposure.

Credential Agent recommends that organizations should look closely at their current process for keeping employee; subcontractor and vendors credentials updated and should look at new productive technology to improve quality while reducing labor costs. Credential management software like Credential Agent ( is specifically designed to store credentials electronically. The inexpensive software sends out multiple e-mails asking for updates allowing the employee to keep their own credentials updated. The super user then has the ability to easily run reports to follow up on credentials when necessary ensuring that everyone is compliant.

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