Miniilaq Hospital (Miniilaq, Alaska) has selected Credential Agent’s software ( to manage its Physician’s credentials. With over 100 Physician’s on staff spread out throughout Alaska, Minilaq quickly identified that using Credential Agent’s software as a service model would allow its Doctors to easily be able to see and update their own credentials such as licenses, certifications, immunizations, background checks, privilege documents, human resource forms, and other documents.

Credential Agent’s software automatically sends out numerous reminder e-mails notifying the Physicians and human resource staff when credentials are expiring giving everyone plenty of time to get credentials updated. Credential Agent also allows Miniilaq’s credentialing department the ability to see all important credentials in one location while not having to worry about unorganized file cabinets or misplaced documents. Lastly, Miniilaq was impressed with Credential Agents ability to easily run reports which would allow for easy preparation for audits.

President of Credential Agent Stephen Halasnik commented, “When we give a demonstration of Credential Agent it is almost always obvious to our future clients that our credentialing document management software is exactly what they need and Miniilaq was no exception. I believe that keeping credentials updated using spreadsheets and old fashion file cabinets is really a hard job and my hats off to people who have that job. When those people see what our credential management software can do, you can hear the excitement. We really believe we have a great solution that solves a problem for organizations that need to store large amounts of employee, subcontractor or vendor credentials”

Credential Agent ( is inexpensive credentialing document management software, or outsourced services, that is specifically designed to help organizations store and better manage, employee, subcontractor or vendor credentials., 888-331-3431×11

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