A major worldwide food supplier/distributor with 6,000 vendors has selected Credential Agent’s supplier management software (www.credentialagent.com)  to allow the company to better keep critical information and documents updated. In the past, the major food supplier would make its suppliers aware of what is required expecting the suppliers to keep the proper information\credentials
updated on their own. Occasionally, there would be audits often with disturbing results.

Suppliers are required to keep information such as contacts in case of recalls, logistics, ingredient information, vendor classification, customer service contacts, minority owned status, Food Quality & Safety Contacts, A/P Contacts, Supplier Agreements, Background checks,  Safety:Bio-Terrorism documents, FDA Certification, USDA Certification, OSHA VPP Facility Certification, ISO
Certification, Proof of Insurance liability, Indemnification Statement documents, along with other forms/information.

Credential Agent has established an expert food industry help disk which will be monitoring, reviewing, approving and answering questions from the suppliers. The software has specifically been build to be extremely easy to use and to allow the vendors to
fill out their own information before they can be approved to be a supplier. The Credential Agent software will cost the major food supplier nothing as the vendors are required to pay a nominal fee to be in the database and to have access to the helpdesk. Vendors must be approved in Credential Agent to continue working with the major food supplier.

The Credential Agent system also allows the major food supplier the ability to run on demand reports allowing for the first time instant access to a variety of critical information for decision making purposes.

Food suppliers worldwide believe that there is a strong need to use automation, like Credential Agent’s supplier management software,
to improve efficiencies, improve quality and reduce recalls.

President of Credential Agent, Stephen Halasnik commented, “Our system just blew everyone away. The food industry has been looking for an easy to use, inexpensive supplier management system that would allow them to make sure their vendors are compliant. Our
software, combined with our helpdesk, ensures that really for the first time, every vendor is fully approved and monitored. In addition, the ability for any manager to get to that information in seconds is a capability that was greatly needed”


Credential Agent makes software that runs in a secure environment specifically designed to help keep employee, subcontractor, vendor or supplier information updated.

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