With all of the technology out there today you would think that keeping employees credentials such as licenses, certifications, insurance forms, tests, immunizations, background checks,  continuing education credits and other documents that expire updated would be automated using the newest technology.

If your answer is that you still use a traditional filing cabinet along with maybe, a spreadsheet, you are not alone. A majority of business are not using technology to keep employee credentials updated and the answers as to why starts with the fact that credential upkeep has been done the same way for so long that it is often overlooked by management or your staff. It is usually not a priority.  Most companies are surprised to learn how much effort and time it takes to keep your employee credentials updated. Yet, most people agree that the current credential paper process is laborious and there could be missing or expired information.

Ask yourself this, if you were audited today or worse, sued, how sure are you that all your employee credentials would be up to date. Can you run a report right now asking for all of an employee credentials or are you hoping that your employees have updated their credentials on their own?

The funny part is that with the labor saving involved in switching to Credential Agent, the saving more then cost justifies the software product.

So what are people saying about Credential Agent when given a demo? “It’s a no brainer. Where do we sign. ” www.credentialagent.com

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