The key reason why you would want to use Credential Agent is to eliminate the risk of your employees credentials being outdated. However, there is also cost saving associates with the use of the Credential Agent’s software for your orgnaization.

In one of our client organizations with 400 employees the person responsible for staying on top of the credentials spends between 10-15 hours each week ensuring that all licenses, certifications, new and yearly background checks, I9’s, benefit acceptance documents and more, are filed and updated.

Once this organization moved to Credential Agent the time spent on credential updating was reduced by 90%.

The cost saving to this organization resulted in a $2,100 per month labor saving. $35 per hour x 140 hours =$2,100 per month.

Many times we see that the leaders at the companies Credential Agent deals with are not aware of how labor intensive the existing process of keeping credentials up to date is for their staff and with the use of the Credential Agent software, there can be a cost saving and quality improvement that far out ways the costs of the CA software.

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