You get a call from the state and they are coming in tomorrow to do an I9 audit. You get another call from your accrediting organization and they are coming in next week to view your employee’s licenses and certifications. Next, your legal department is asking for backup documentation on one of your past employee’s (a medical professional) because he just got sued for a major error that could cost your organization millions. How do you know you have all of this documentation current and easy to get to?

If you are like most companies today you are keeping this information in hard copy format in a cabinet and if that is the case, how can you possibly keep it updated for 100, 200 or 1000+ files? In most cases you are just hoping that you have what is needed this time.

If your answer is that your HR software stores that information for you think again. HR software might be able to store a few items but not with any electronic backup and worse, it still costs your HR team a lot of time to get the information into the HR software.

Fact: The employee or/and supplier certifications, licenses, HR forms and other compliance documents now required are so voluminous and expire so often that it is impossible for your HR team to stay on top of it.

Welcome to a new concept in credential management. Credential Agent is a revolutionary new software, or outsourced service, that is defining the market for more efficient and productive credential management.

The concept is simple. Take a big problem and break it down into parts. The big problem is all the expiring credentials you need to keep updated. The solution, let your employees/suppliers keep their own credentials up to date electronically, use software that reminds your employees/suppliers when something required is coming due, and give your staff the ability to electronically run reports to do audits or outsource this whole function to us while we use our software.

Consider a demonstration today on how credential management software or our outsourced services can help ensure you have your credentials up to date.

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