Have you ever lost a key employee who was really organized and replaced her with someone else who wasn’t? Your first reaction is that you then realize how good that first person was at their job and wish you had them back. The second reaction is that you then realize that you are going to have to sit down with the new, less organized person and build a process for the new person to follow and that you are going to have to inspect that the process is being followed. It isn’t fun especially when as a manager, you have a million other projects to work on.

There are a lot of productivity benefits in credentialing software like Credential Agent , (www.credentialagent.com) but one of the most important benefits is that there is a defined work flow or “process” that allows for the quality upkeep of employee, vendor or supplier credentials regardless of who is using it. You don’t need to create a new process and then inspect that the process is being followed because it is all defined in the software.

In the case of Credential Agent, a manager can log in at any time to run a report and see if any credentials are not updated and then talk to the credentialing admin about doing a better job. Automatic e-mails go out 90, 60 ,30, 15, 7 and 1 day out about a credential expiring and anyone you like can get CCed in on that e-mail. Also, there are two key reports that anyone can run; one is the list of credentials expiring in the next 30 days and the expired credentials report. Lastly, because employees or vendors can update their own credentials, there is a quality control process where the credentialing super user approves all new credentials ensuring that there is no fraud.

Credential Agent has taken the best practices of good credential management and automated it so that the skills of the credentialing admin is less important and ensures that the accuracy of employee and vendors credentialing will be improved.

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