Pharmacies are being asked to do more and more compliance. Rather it be for the state, the federal government or just to ensure that you are managing your risks.

Credential Agent, which helps organizations better store, manage, and retrieve your employees, vendors, or suppliers credentials and other documents with the use of its software or outsourced services, is finding that the large Pharmacy chain companies are a natural fit for it’s services.

Credential agent can help with the managing and storage of:

  •  Medicare Part D Compliance Policies, Training Materials, and Certification Forms for
    • Fraud, Waste and Abuse
    • Conflict of Interest
  • OIG / GSA List of Excluded Parties checks
  • HIPAA Policies, Training Materials, Forms and other documentation
  • Tracking of Licenses and expiration dates for the pharmacy and staff
  • Tracking of Insurance and expiration dates for the pharmacy and staff
  • Tracking and distribution of numerous other Credentialing items for third party payers
  • Reminders via fax or e-mail about renewal due dates, and notices concerning new future requirements
  • Electronic Storage and Retrieval for your compliance and credentialing documents
  • Ability to promptly and effectively respond to compliance audits, credentialing audits, and regulatory agency inquiries
  • Assistance with managing your comprehensive compliance and credentialing programs


Schedule a demonstration today by calling 888-331-3431×11 or visit and start seeing better quality credential management that can save you money.

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