Credential management software (CMS) is a relatively new productivity tool in keeping employee, subcontractors or vendors credentials updated. Anyone who keeps these records updated as part of their job can tell you, it is a lot of work to do credential record upkeep.  The key to a good credential management software is its ability to make it easier for you to keep credentials updated. Many  of the credential management software  does little to improve the upkeep of credentials. With most of this new software, one might as well continue to use their existing hard copy or excel.

What make Credential Agent different is the its ability to take a big problem and break it down into parts, making it easier for  employee credential  upkeep. Credential Agent is the only company that sends out consistent e-mail reminders to your employees about expiring credentials AND allows the employee themselves to update their information from those e-mails. Once an employee updates their credentials in Credential Agent, the super user is notified to review and approve. The employee can either attach the document, fax it to be attached latter or drop it off at the super users desk for scanning/filing.   Credential Agent works the same way you do. You expect your employees to keep their own credentials updated but you need proof and you want a system that makes it easier on you.

It is also critical that a good credentialing software is easy to use for both the employee and the super user. Many of the current software available is really software that was developed for other purposes with little thought about the end user. The software behind Credential Agent was specifically designed for employees who aren’t exactly technology savy, and our credential agent customers tell us that there is very little if any training needed on our software.

Lastly, a good CMS system can be customizable for the client and the majority of credentialing software on the market today doesn’t allow any customization. Credential Agent can be customized for each client at any time. In fact, we encourage our clients to give us new applications so we can make the product more valuable.

The key to a good credential management software is not so much that it allows you to attach credentials electronically and store expiring dates but to make it easier for one to keep their employee, subcontractor or credentials updated.

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