Any company that has nurses or allied professional employees or even subcontractors/suppliers knows that keeping updated credentials like licenses, certification, immunizations, insurance policies, training documents, HR documents, etc. is challenging.

A nurse for example could have 20 different credentials that are expiring at various intervals and times that by say 50 nurse employees, and you are talking about 1,000’s of documents that must be updated. Not an easy task, and the risk of not doing it right could cost a company millions or worse, serious public health risks.

For over 10 years Credential Agent ( has been the leader in providing credentialing software that allows the automated processes of record keeping and notification of outdated credentials, but now, Credential Agent has just announce a full service model where a company can outsource their entire credentialing document upkeep process to Credential Agent.

Credential Agent will use its staff and software to management the whole process. Credential Agent President Stephen Halasnik commented: “Although we always knew there was an opportunity and a need in the marketplace for the entire credentialing outsourcing service we just never pushed it. We often sold our software and our clients would have someone on their staff take care of the rest but over time we began to see the turnover of the staff responsible for credentialing so we knew an outsource model was another service we could offer. Over the last 10 years what we have often seen is that once a company decides on using Credential Agent software, they always use it regardless if their staff changes. The software is that good, valuable and inexpensive, plus it makes complete sense to use it. Credential Agent replaces manual record keeping of credentials and in manual, that could be a traditional file cabinet or an excel spreadsheet. All this manual process is a nightmare and I can guarantee you, when one is using a manual process at least 20% of credentials are out of compliance and it often comes out during a HIPPA or other audit. We see it all of the time”

Credential Agent software was developed in 2008 because of a huge need in the market place for hospitals, surgical centers, home healthcare companies and even corporations that want to keep updated credentials for their suppliers. It originally was built to help Credential Agents sister company make sure they stayed HIPPA compliant and ever since then, Credential Agent has had a keen understanding of the need and risks of keeping credentials updated.

If your company is considering credentialing software a new consideration is to ask Credential Agent to provide a quote on a total outsource solution.



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