“There has been no revolutionary change in keeping credentials updated and something had to be done,” said Stephen Halasnik, President of HEALTHCAREseeker.com and Credentialagent.com. Between the numerous hours people are filing documents, the tedious process of up keeping manual spreadsheets to check for expiring credentials and the stress related to preparing for audits, Halasnik saw an opportunity.

From these experiences and his own experience with HEALTHCAREseeker.com, which places travel nurses in hospitals throughout the US, he found his inspiration to create Credential Agent. Credential Agent’s mission is to make the upkeep of employee, vendor or subcontractor’s credentials easier.

According to Halasnik, The current process of credential management is very old-fashioned. The most common method requires the use of spreadsheets, commonly Excel or Access, and the backup credential copies are stored in filing cabinets. Employees have to take the time to search through spreadsheets and filing cabinets to make sure documents are compliant. To managers or owners of companies not involved in the process credential management seems simple, but when there are countless credentials and you have many, such as 50 employees, it requires an incredibly organized person to keep all credentials updated.

There are a very few other software programs available to help with this process, but they require software to be downloaded on your computers and 99% of the software was design for doctors who have unique credential requirements. Credential Agent addresses credential management for nurses, allied professionals, brokers, vendors, and anyone else who has a plethora of credentials such as licenses, certifications, insurance documents, immunizations, background checks and other human resource documents that need to be kept up to date.
Having outdated credentials can create a domino effect of negative events starting with a failed audit from a governing body or to malpractice cases. Mr. Halasnik commented, “The last thing you want to happen is to give a governing auditing body, like a state government or JCAHO, the impression that you are unorganized because they will dig deeper into your business.”

While creating Credential Agent, Halasnik thought about everything that fits into good credential management practices by taking the big problem of credential management and breaking it down into smaller parts. Individuals needed to have easy access to their own information so they could update their credentials themselves. He knew that most companies expect their employees to be professionals and to keep their own credentials up to date, but the company needed proof that this was being done. He knew that employers and employees need to be able to instantly receive a credential report because in the old antiquated process, there was no ability to run any type of report. Also, no one was confident that they were compliant until it was too late. There needed to be automatic, multiple reminders emailed out days or even months in advance warning employees that their credentials will be expiring on a certain date.

Credential Agent was designed to do all of this and more- it is inexpensive document management credentialing software that is specifically designed to help organizations store and better manage employee, subcontractor and vendor credentials. The software stores credentials electronically and is completely customizable with a sophisticated database that has more functionality than any other credential software. One just needs the internet and a browser to access their super secure Credential Agent. Credential Agent ultimately reduces the risk of having expired credentials resulting in a failed audit, and users say it allows them to complete tasks within 1/10th the amount of time than it used to. This means that the software more than pays for itself in labor savings. There is also the ability to run unlimited reports within seconds telling if any credentials have expired, including options where an automatic email will be sent out multiple times about any expiring credential either weeks or months in advance. In that reminder email is a link that conveniently and securely sends individuals to his or her employee credential profile. There is also an excellent feature that allows individuals to update their own credentials while allowing a super user to QC the work. Even those with no technical knowledge can successfully and easily use this software.

Credential Agent evaluated the problems in credential management and found an effective solution. Improvements are constantly being made based on customer feedback, and since the launch about two years ago, there have been nearly 50 enhancements to the software to help customers. Customers have said that the software is designed really well and everything about good credential management was thought of.

“We strive to continue to be recognized as a leader in credential management,” Halasnik said. “We believe that the workflow process of Credential Agent is very unique in the marketplace and that no other company has thought through good credential management as well as we have.”

For more information on Credential Agent, visit www.credentialagent.com or call Stephen Halasnik at 888-331-3431 x11.

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