May 12, 2011 @ 3:14 pm
posted by rurahrah33

Credential Agent announced that it has just added three new clients who feel that the use of the credential management software will significantly help them stay on top of keeping employee credentials updated. Each believed the use of Credential Agent software will lead to improved quality and reduced labor costs for their respective companies.

The first company is based in New York City, is not for profit, has 400 employees, and helps classify young children who potentially maybe Autistic. The company founders and their human resource department were looking for an easier way for their staff to stay on top of the 4,000 employee credentials such as licenses, HIPPA compliance forms, I-9’s, background checks, certifications, and other documents that expire. This company felt that the price of Credential Agent compared with the labor costs of the existing manual process made the decision to move ahead with Credential Agent an easy one. This NYC company has also contracted with Credential Agent to do background checks such as license verification, FACIS, OIG, education verification and license verification. It made sense to not only have Credential Agent store their employee credentials, but to also have CA do the background checks so these documents could be put into Credential Agent automatically.

The second company Credential Agent has brought on board is a 60 employee cardiac doctors office based in Michigan. The office has 28 doctors and many other medical practitioners all requiring numerous credentials. In the past, this medical practice used excel spreadsheets to track numerous expiration dates which proved to be very labor intensive and unreliable. Credential Agent is working closely with this client to add additional features which will help add doctor privilege rights and other features unique to their environment.

The third company is a sole practitioners Doctors office. This Psychiatrist, based in Maryland, wanted an easy to use software to store her credentials and to track her CEU credits/courses. She also liked the idea that all of her credentials could easily be e-mailed or printed out when she needed to provide documentation to insurance companies or  to Hospitals.

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