Credential Agent has announced a new program for beta customers in selective industries who will get Credential Agent software/service at no charge in exchange for giving feedback.

CA founder Stephen Halasnik commented “ we already knew that our software was great at managing credentials and CEU’s but what we kept seeing was our core competency in automating typical paper processes into a more efficient and cost effective paperless and electronic process. The ability to get tasks done is of great value to every organization and our software is based on the idea that to complete a large project, it has to be broken down into smaller parts where many can help”

Mr. Halasnik commented, “One of areas we believe we can help companies in is in the area of compliance projects where a project needs to get implemented, monitored, tracked and completed. It appears to us that companies like Compliance 360 and others are making software like this but it is geared towards very large companies due to the software’s high cost and comlexity.  There is an opportunity for us to help companies with 5,000 or less employees by developing applications that will help them prepare for audits. This software is known as compliance software “

Compliance software is designed to help compliance, governance and audit professionals every day by giving these professionals the ability to list projects, identify key milestones, assign tasks, report statuses, send automated reminders, all to ensure that quality projects and preparation audits get done.

If you are interested in apply for the free Credential Agent beta program, please call 888-331-3431×11.

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