Immigration Compliance Update 2011: I-9s, E-Verify, Crackdowns

Your chances of facing an I-9 audit have shot up dramatically. Are your I-9 Forms and immigration practices up to the challenge? Do you know how to deal with ICE?

In 2010, the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) conducted its highest number of I-9 audits ever. And that trend has continued in 2011. It’s all part of the Obama administration’s “bold new audit initiative” to find and punish employers that violate immigration laws and fail to properly complete I-9s.

Newest development: This year, ICE established an Employment Compliance Inspection Center in Virginia to expedite Form I-9 audits, allowing ICE agents to audit EVEN MORE businesses.

The result: Greater risk for your company, your executives … and you!

Credential Agent’s software can help you ensure that each of your employees have their I9’s in place or we can also do all the work and make sure your employees are compliant by making the calls, getting the forms filled out, uploading the I9’s and other creentials to Credential Agent, and keeping the I9’s updated from here on in.

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