Credential Agent currently stores and helps¬†keep updated¬†employee, vendor or subcontractor credentials but what most people don’t know is that the software is highly customizable. A new feature that is being added is a project management feature which will allow managers to input a specific project that they are working on and to assign tasks with deadlines to team members. Credential Agent will then periodically send out e-mail reminders asking for the project team status and allow team members to type in updates for the team to see.

This project management capability takes advantage of Credential Agents ability to be a central location for information and to remind people of tasks assigned in order to complete a project or compliance issue. The main purpose of this feature was geared towards compliance efforts that many organizations are required to keep written documentation of plus the ability for projects to get done.

The key theme here is that Credential Agent continues to add more features based on customer wishes and requirements.

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