February 2, 2011 @ 10:52 pm
posted by admin

Credential Agent has announced that it has added a new CEU software tracking feature to its popular credential management software which enables organizations to better manage its employees, subcontractors or vendors credentials by giving each the ability to update their own credentials and CEU’s (continuing education united or credits).

Credential Agents new CEU feature allows the employee to input the course taken, where it was taken, when it was taken and then reminds the employee how many credits are left to be taken so the professional will be on track to have their license renewed.

Credential Agent is cloud based computing which requires no new hardware or software  and which tracks and reminds employees, subcontractors or vendors when their credentials and now, continuing education credits, will become due. By giving employees access and the ability to update their own information, the employer can better keep track of required credentials and CEU’s required for audits, risk management, and improved services.

If interested in a free online  demonstration of the product, please click on http://www.credentialagent.com/ or call 888-331-3431×11.

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