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You get a call from the state and they are coming in tomorrow to do an I9 audit. You get another call from your accrediting organization and they are coming in next week to view your employee’s licenses and certifications. Next, your legal department is asking for backup documentation on one of your past employee’s […]

September 14, 2010 @ 9:10 pm
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Credential Agent reduces the amount of printing, copying and paper that your organization uses. By storing documents electronically, you will be greatly reducing your impact on the environment. In a recent study by Forrester Research on electronic document management, Forrester determined that Assante Health Systems in Oregon was able to save $60,000 per year because […]

There are so many benefits to using Credential Agent: having information in one place, having automated reminders sent to your employees about expiring credentials, allowing your organization to see data to make better decisions, ensuring that you pass up-and-coming audits easily, allowing you to move into the electronic document storage area with little to no […]

There are three types of Credential Agent users: the employee, the manager and the super user. Credential Agent reminds employee users, in advance, when  their credentials are expiring so that they can be sure to renew them in advance. The software also allows employees to store their documentation online, where it is secure and cannot be […]

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One of the best features of Credential Agent is that it is priced extremely attractively as compared to other document management systems. Additionally, Credential Agent requires no set up, so you can be up-and-running in minutes and it can also be customized so you can really make it work for your organization. We can even help […]

July 26, 2010 @ 1:43 am
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The Credential Agent software has been used for 15 years. It first began, and is still being used, as the number-one sports credentialing software in the United States through Sports Systems Inc. Credential Agent has licensed and customized the software to specifically address vertical industries like healthcare, financial, trade associations and other organizations where staying […]

Yes and no. Credential Agent stores documents electronically just like a document management software system (DMSS). However, Credential Agent is much easier to use, is specifically designed to track credentials and is really a lot less expensive. In fact, Credential Agent can cost 10 times  less than DMSS or ERP systems. Credential Agent is also hosted in […]