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If you ask the majority of businesses or nonprofits how they keep employee credentials updated, they will often tell you with a file cabinet, an excel spreadsheet and email. Ask those same people how sure they are that all credentials are compliant the answer will be, “I doubt it” or “I don’t know”. You are [...]

Imagine this. One of your Nurses is taking care of a patient and the patient passes away. The patient’s family is upset and decides to hire a lawyer to investigate. The first thing the lawyer looks at is your nurses’ credentials and during that investigation, it is uncovered that numerous credentials (think licenses, certifications, immunizations, [...]

Any company that has nurses or allied professional employees or even subcontractors/suppliers knows that keeping updated credentials like licenses, certification, immunizations, insurance policies, training documents, HR documents, etc. is challenging. A nurse for example could have 20 different credentials that are expiring at various intervals and times that by say 50 nurse employees, and you [...]

Type in Credentialing Software into your search bar and you will see tons of advertised physician credentialing software companies but what is the difference between what you see on that list and Credential Agent? Credentialing Software is Different for Dr’s Then for Nurses or Allied Professionals The difference is that all those credentialing companies are [...]

It really is a smart move for any home healthcare company wanting to keep employee credentials updated using software. 1st Class Care, which is a new startup home healthcare company decided that they wanted to make sure they kept their nurse’s credentials such as licenses, certifications, immunizations, background checks and HR documents updated correctly and [...]

Recently announced there is now a major case against a  Hospital and a temporary staffing company due to  a healthcare professional failing to have a Hep B immunization shot  resulting in  numerous patients being  infected with the serious Hep B desease. The  staffing company will probably go out of business and the Hospital will have [...]

As the healthcare industry is continually changing and  becoming more complex, the required credentials for professionals that need to be in compliance are multiplying.  It is  mandatory for healthcare professionals and organizations to consistently keep  all expiring credentials up to date and the current method of doing so continue  to be an old, outdated process. [...]

Credential Agent currently stores and helps keep updated employee, vendor or subcontractor credentials but what most people don’t know is that the software is highly customizable. A new feature that is being added is a project management feature which will allow managers to input a specific project that they are working on and to assign tasks with [...]

The key reason why you would want to use Credential Agent is to eliminate the risk of your employees credentials being outdated. However, there is also cost saving associates with the use of the Credential Agent’s software for your orgnaization. In one of our client organizations with 400 employees the person responsible for staying on top [...]

December 28, 2010 @ 3:21 pm
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We often speak to companies who feel that they wish their ERP system could be designed to store employee, vendor or supplier credentials. After further investigation these same companies find that creating fields in their ERP package to store credential expiration dates may seem easy but does little to increase the efficiency and accuracy of [...]