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If you ask the majority of businesses or nonprofits how they keep employee credentials updated, they will often tell you with a file cabinet, an excel spreadsheet and email. Ask those same people how sure they are that all credentials are compliant the answer will be, “I doubt it” or “I don’t know”. You are [...]

The key reason why you would want to use Credential Agent is to eliminate the risk of your employees credentials being outdated. However, there is also cost saving associates with the use of the Credential Agent’s software for your orgnaization. In one of our client organizations with 400 employees the person responsible for staying on top [...]

Pharmacies are being asked to do more and more compliance. Rather it be for the state, the federal government or just to ensure that you are managing your risks. Credential Agent, which helps organizations better store, manage, and retrieve your employees, vendors, or suppliers credentials and other documents with the use of its software or outsourced services, [...]

You get a call from the state and they are coming in tomorrow to do an I9 audit. You get another call from your accrediting organization and they are coming in next week to view your employee’s licenses and certifications. Next, your legal department is asking for backup documentation on one of your past employee’s [...]