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Type in Credentialing Software into your search bar and you will see tons of advertised physician credentialing software companies but what is the difference between what you see on that list and Credential Agent? Credentialing Software is Different for Dr’s Then for Nurses or Allied Professionals The difference is that all those credentialing companies are […]

As the healthcare industry is continually changing and  becoming more complex, the required credentials for professionals that need to be in compliance are multiplying.  It is  mandatory for healthcare professionals and organizations to consistently keep  all expiring credentials up to date and the current method of doing so continue  to be an old, outdated process. […]

Cowan Home Care is a team of skilled and caring nurses that provide medically licensed home care to children in New Mexico that are medically fragile. In a recent interview, The Director of Public Relations at Credential Agent, Alyssa Bartels, interviewed Taylor Losee, the Manager of Credentials for Cowan Home Care, about how Credential Agent […]

Credential Agent currently stores and helps keep updated employee, vendor or subcontractor credentials but what most people don’t know is that the software is highly customizable. A new feature that is being added is a project management feature which will allow managers to input a specific project that they are working on and to assign tasks with […]

With all of the technology out there today you would think that keeping employees credentials such as licenses, certifications, insurance forms, tests, immunizations, background checks,  continuing education credits and other documents that expire updated would be automated using the newest technology. If your answer is that you still use a traditional filing cabinet along with […]

Credential Agent has announced a new program for beta customers in selective industries who will get Credential Agent software/service at no charge in exchange for giving feedback. CA founder Stephen Halasnik commented “ we already knew that our software was great at managing credentials and CEU’s but what we kept seeing was our core competency […]

Pharmacies are being asked to do more and more compliance. Rather it be for the state, the federal government or just to ensure that you are managing your risks. Credential Agent, which helps organizations better store, manage, and retrieve your employees, vendors, or suppliers credentials and other documents with the use of its software or outsourced services, […]

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