Credential Agent has announced today that it has signed a contract with Los Ninos Early Childhood Services of NYC. Credential Agent will be taking over the entire process of making sure that all 400+ Los Ninos employees and contractors credentials are kept up to date and are in compliance.

Using revolutionary software combined with credential agent’s credentialing team, Los Ninos will now be able to focus on its core business of providing evaluations, services, and service coordination to young children (ages 0 – 3) and SEIT services to Preschool-aged children instead of worrying about employee credentials or audit preparations.

The President of Credential Agent Stephen Halasnik commented ” It just makes complete sense for organizations  to bring on our company. 1) We can keep their employee credential updated much cheaper 2) Keeping credentials updated is our only mission so you know it is going to be done right 3) We reduce the anxiety of failed audits or worse, malpractice issues. ”

Credential Agent has 4 current service options for clients:

  • Credentialing software so you can more easily store and keep updated employee/vendor credentials
  • Outsource the entire credential upkeep process. CA will use our software and staff to keep you compliant.
  • Verification services of insurance certificates, licenses, or other important data
  • Background checking services such as criminal background checks, OIG reports, Facis, etc.

Please contact Credential Agent today and we will be happy to discuss how we help.

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