The word credentials listed below can refer to licenses, certifications, insurance documents, immunizations, background checks, human resource forms, contracts, identification, or any type of credential that you are required to keep updated or/and verified. 

Home Healthcare, Therapy and Long Term Care Companies – Home healthcare, Therapy and LTC companies often have Nurses, Therapists, Home health Aides and other employees working for them that have multiple licenses, certifications, immunizations, I9’s and other credentials that expire. These companies are using our software and services to greatly reduce the time involved in keeping these credentials updated while also ensuring that everything is in place in case of an audit or to reduce risks to the patient.

Physician Offices– These healthcare practices have employees with licenses, certifications, Dr. hospital privileges, immunizations, and other documents that are expiring at different times. The office manager, who often are tasked with keeping this information updated, love how Credential Agent greatly reduces their time spent on employee credential upkeep. With the use of Credential Agent the Doctors, Nurses and other employees really appreciate Credential Agents advanced notification that credentials are coming due so that the people do not wait to the last minute to renew a credential. People also love the ability for Credential Agent to help them stay on top of their Continuing education credits (CEU’s).

Hospitals Hospitals are perfect clients for Credential Agent because they are required by the Joint Commission (JCAHO) to keep updated employee, temporary worker, subcontractor or vendor credentials and the ramifications of not having this information can have large ramifications not only in losing a license, a law suit, or in a worse case, a patient. Hospitals have so many employee, subcontractor, temps or vendor credentials that often management is unaware of the amount of time spent tracking these credentials because the responsibility of their upkeep is divided amongst different staff. Using old technology/ processes like spreadsheets to keep of Credentials updated  is a huge task with a variety of poor results.  Hospitals that use Credential Agent can feel much more confident that in a state, federal, or JCAHO employee audit, the Hospital will pass with flying colors and that their staff can be more productive in credential upkeep.

Real Estate Facility Management Part of a Real Estate Facility Management Companies business is to ensure that contractor’s onsite have the proper licenses, insurance and background checks to work on a client’s premises. Credential Agent helps ensures you can more easily store and keep these credentials updated. Credential Agent can also verify any information you feel is critical. A good example of this is that some subcontractors have been known to get insurance for a job and to cancel it after the job has been awarded.  Credential Agent can stores all those credentials for you notifying you when credentials are expiring well in advance.

Energy companies– Energy companies often have a large amounts of subcontractors. These subcontractors are required to have  insurance, licenses,  training, and other important credentials which take a lot of time and energy for your staff to keep verify. Credential Agent can monitor subcontractors’ insurance, licenses, and other credentials. Some subcontractors have also been known to get the required credential, like insurance, and then to cancel it after they have shown proof. Credential agent can montior credentials to ensure this doesn’t happen.

Pharmacies– Large Pharmacy companies often lead it up to each branch to keep their employee’s credentials updated often with a variety of quality results. If this process is centralized to the headquarters office credential upkeep takes up valuable staff time. Credential Agent helps keep your employee credentials more efficiently but we can also be hired to make sure everything is always in order. We can become your credentialing team.

Staffing companies– Staffing companies are required to store all type of employee credentials and to produce those documents to their clients just before a placement is made. Credential Agent makes this process much easier and more professional by ensuring that your placed employees are getting constant notifications about expiring credentials and allowing those employees to update the credentials themselves. By using Credential Agent we have shown to reduce your staff time on credential upkeep by 50-80%.

Financial firms– Financial firms are required to make sure that credentials are kept updated on their employees. However, most financial firms have an extremely stretched HR or compliance department. Credential Agent can make sure the employee credentials and CEU’s are always compliant greatly reducing any risks to the company of an expired employee credential or a failed audit.

Sales Organizations that call on Hospitals– Many Hospitals now a days are working with Vendor Credentialing Companies to make sure that sales representatives, technicians and other company personal have the proper credentialing. If you have a large organization, keeping this information updated is laborious and could impact your ability to get into see your clients. Credential Agent can help you manage those credentials so that the sales cycle moves faster or so your employees are not wasting time keeping their credentials updated.

Firehouses or EMT organizations- Firehouses and Emergency Medical Transportation organizations are often required to keep training records, immunizations, certifications, background checks, licenses, and other important information of each of their full time employees or voluntary members. Credential Agent is great at keeping this organized. The other benefits of Credential Agent is that as the people change in your organization, the process of keeping these credentials updated so that the next person responsible for credential upkeep has an easy to learn system. You can also store the purchase and expiration dates of your ladders, firehouses, air cylinders, pumps and other equipment so that Credential Agent automatically notifies you.

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