This is why Credential upkeep is so important:   DOVER — One of the victims of the hepatitis C outbreak at Exeter Hospital has filed a lawsuit against a Nebraska company he believes hired the suspect in the case. In a five-count lawsuit filed on Sunday, the patient and his attorney accused Triage Staffing, Inc., […]

Excerpts from and interview with Stephen Halasnik, President, Credential Agent by Alyssa Bartels, Public Relations Director   “When we first designed our credentialing management software, we specifically had hospitals in mind as potential customers.  For the first 10 months of our business, we called on, e-mailed and sent postcards to thousands of hospitals with little […]

As the healthcare industry is continually changing and  becoming more complex, the required credentials for professionals that need to be in compliance are multiplying.  It is  mandatory for healthcare professionals and organizations to consistently keep  all expiring credentials up to date and the current method of doing so continue  to be an old, outdated process. […]

Cowan Home Care is a team of skilled and caring nurses that provide medically licensed home care to children in New Mexico that are medically fragile. In a recent interview, The Director of Public Relations at Credential Agent, Alyssa Bartels, interviewed Taylor Losee, the Manager of Credentials for Cowan Home Care, about how Credential Agent […]

“There has been no revolutionary change in keeping credentials updated and something had to be done,” said Stephen Halasnik, President of and Between the numerous hours people are filing documents, the tedious process of up keeping manual spreadsheets to check for expiring credentials and the stress related to preparing for audits, Halasnik saw […]

Chesapeake Home Health Care based on Maryland has selected Credential Agent’s software to help manage its staff’s credentials such as licenses, certifications, human Resource forms, in-service training, company policies, health records, financial documents, tests, and other important credentials. In selecting Credential Agent, Chesapeake Home Health Care feels that it will allow all of its back office […]

Miniilaq Hospital (Miniilaq, Alaska) has selected Credential Agent’s software ( to manage its Physician’s credentials. With over 100 Physician’s on staff spread out throughout Alaska, Minilaq quickly identified that using Credential Agent’s software as a service model would allow its Doctors to easily be able to see and update their own credentials such as licenses, […]

Credential Agent ( , a leading credential management software and outsourcing company, has announced its finding into how organizations are keeping employee, subcontractor or vendors credentials updated. Background Many organizations have highly skilled employees who have credentials such as licenses, certifications, insurance, immunizations, HR forms and other credentials that expire and need to be kept […] has announced its recent finding that up to 20% of all employees or vendor’s credentials such as licenses, certifications, immunizations, government HR forms, insurance and other credentials it has audited are often out of compliance or out of date. (, a leading provider of credential management software and outsourcing services, often gets involved […]

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 By Frank Sheeder on November 14th, 2011 Stakeholders often raise “the price of compliance” as they endeavor to justify their lack of support. We hear about how:  •The compliance function is a cost center. •The odds are small that this will become a problem. •Compliance Officers make a mountain out of a mole hill. •We […]