Many organizations are required to keep employee or supplier credentials/certifications on file and need to ensure that those credentials are up to date. Credential Agent allows you to push this responsibility back down to the employee/supplier  helping you in making sure their credentials are in place. Credential Agent will alert the employee/supplier about upcoming expirations by sending consistent e-mail reminders until the updates are completed. It will also allow, or require, the employee/supplier, to upload a copy of the credential for your approval. You are then able to run reports to see who is out of compliance. There are many ways Credential Agent can handle the storage and management of credentials, so speak to your Credential Agent representative about your particular application.


Some organizations have critical immunization requirements for all employees. Hepatitis B vaccines, for example, are required of all health care workers, and it is critical that hospitals track these immuizations to ensure that their employees are up to date. Also, many organizations are now requiring vendor representatives, that visit the facilities,  to have their immunizations in place as well. Credential Agent can make it easy for your organization to make sure your employees, vendors and 1099 employees are following your protocols.

Background Checks

Criminal background checks are required often in many organizations, and Credential Agent allows you to easily get them monitored more frequently to reduce your risks.

Tests/Competency Exams

Credential Agent provides the ability to store or/and administer tests that show whether a potential employee can handle a job. Again, the advantage of Credential Agent is that all documentation for an employee can be stored permanently in one location, electronically, eliminating all outside storage costs as well as the duplication of information among multiple departments.

Employee/Supplier Data

Credential Agent can also be set up to show, import or retreive data that you would like to see in one place. Would you like to see the date that an employee started their job, but have that information in another database? We can retrieve that data from other programs so you see the information in Credential Agent. Do you want an employee to give you additional information about where they can be reached in case of an emergency? Credential Agent can have that field for you as well. Once you move to Credential Agent, your possibilities are endless.

Human Resource Forms

New employees fill out many forms for Human Resources. The information contained in them can be critical not only for referencing during employment but also in event of a wrongful termination case. Credential Agent stores these forms electronically, so they are both permanent and easily viewed by authorized personnel.

EEO data (Equal Employment Opportunity)

Every business has to track if they meet EEO requirements  yet the majority of companies keep this information on the hard copy application that the employee filled out when first hired. When audited, it could take you weeks to give this information to the state or federal agency, and the fine is substantial. Credential Agent has a customized screen which allows  any type of information you would like updated by the employee/supplier on a continuous basis. Information such as phone numbers, addresses, EEO classifications, etc. can be kept current by the employee/supplier themselves. When it is time for the EEO audit, you can just run a report. It’s that simple.


I9 audits are becoming much more common place and there are heavy fines for poor or expired documentation. Backup documentation such as Driver license, Social Security Cards, Passports or Alien Registration Cards all expire. If you are storing your documentation in hard copy files how do you know when a new I9 is needed? Credential Agent will notify both you and your employee/suppliers.

Employee Performance Reviews (EPR)

EPRs have become a critical part of every organization’s risk management strategy, especially in their ability to reduce exposure in wrongful termination suit situations. Creating EPRs takes time, and they often require multiple approval signatures. Credential Agent allows you to store your company’s EPRs so that they never get lost, and so that the appropriate parties always have access to them.


Do you have vendors who work with you who are coming into your organization  which are required to have certain certifications or immunizations? Credential Agent can make sure that these vendors are compliant with what you require and that you have proper documentation. In addition, some of our clients are requiring the vendors to pay Credential Agent directly to offset this credentialing cost.


Are you sure your suppliers have the right insurance or that their licenses are up to date? If you are dealing with a lot of suppliers, this might be an impossible task. Not with Credential Agent…and as the old saying goes…An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Continuing Education Credits (CEU’s)

Is your staff required to make sure they take a certain amount of credits so their license is renewed. If your employee waits to the last minute to take CEU courses does that effect their productivity at work? Credential Agent can help remind the employee, and you, about the number of credits and courses needed and to keep record of the type of courses taken already.

1099 employees: Do they have the proper credentials, immunizations, etc. and do you have a copy of these documents for your records.

Other Applications:

Supplier forms like LEED testing, OSHA, ISO certifications, MSDS sheets, product sheets, etc.
Human Resource documents like applications, payroll, I9, medical forms and family leave documents. Equipment certificates for firehouses, EMT, etc. like ladders, air cylinders, pumps, etc.

Management of Liability Insurance Certificates, Vendor Agreements, Government Watch List Searches, Due Diligence Vendor Checks, National Criminal & Sex Offender Background Checks


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