Keeping the credentials of your employee, subcontractors or vendors updated is a tedious, labor intensive and a critical process. Credential Agent is document management software, or a full outsourcing service, that was developed specifically to help organizations better manage, store, and if needed, verify credentials in a lot less time. These credentials can include licenses, immunizations, background checks, certifications, human resource forms, CEU’s,  insurance certificates, vendor agreements, contracts and other credentials that expire or that need to be verified.  

Credential Agent works the same way that you do now. You expect your employees, subcontractors and vendors to keep their credentials up to date but you need proof. You also need a system that constantly reminds your employees what credentials are coming due, well in advance, and  with numerous reminders. Another option is that you might want  a company to take over the whole process and ensure these credentials are kept up to date so your staff can work on other key initatives.  

Credential Agent is document manage software hosted in a secure Saas (cloud computing or software as a service) environment with complete user access. That means you do not need any additional  software to use Credential Agent. You just need a browser and an internet connection. 

Credential Agent is specifically designed to reduce costs, improve productivity and ensure accuracy by storing credentials electronically. It is designed to eliminate risks in regards to missing or expired credentials by constantly reminding people when a credential will become due and by giving your staff the ability to keep their credentials up to date while a super user can review the process electronically.

Credential Agent was developed based on our experience in running , the sister company of Credential Agent and with Sport Systems, who is the leading company in the US for sports credentialing. places registered nurses and other allied professionals into over 1000 US hospitals, and are required by our clients, and The Joint Commission (JCAHO), to  keep up-to-date records on employee certifications, licenses, background checks, surveys and other documents. Credential Agent often keeps track of as many as 1,000 credentials for its own staff.

Sports Systems is the leading company in the United States that issues press credentials for major sporting events. From the Super Bowl to the US Tennis Open to the Ryder Cup to every BCS football championship game, Sports Systems is required to verify and store driver’s licenses, passports and other credentials allowing individuals access to major events.

 Credential Agent was designed to automate what has become a major challenge for many organizations.

  • Credential Agent automatically notifies your employees, subcontractors, and vendors  when a credential or other important document will be expiring.
  • Credential Agent streamlines your credentialing processes by allowing your employees or suppliers to keep up to date their own credentials
  • Credential Agent stores credentials electronically allowing for all your staff to see credentials instantly and allowing for easier preparation for audits.
  • Credential Agent unifies various departments in your organization by having software that allows various departments to have credentials in one location.
  • As an additional service, you can contract with us to manage the entire credentialing storage process while you have complete access to your documents and our software.
  • Credential Agent’s tiger team can verify any credential that you feel needs to have further investigation to ensure the credential is accurate.


Organizations that can benefit from Credential Agent

Individual professionals who have a lot of credentials
Ambulatory Care Centers
Therapy Companies
Educational Institutions
Aerospace Companies
Pharmaceutical Companies
Biotech Companies
Real Estate companies
Trade Groups
Government agencies
Financial firms
Physician offices
Surgical Centers
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